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Bonus Zoo Baby! Somali Wild Ass January 21, 2010

At the Wild Animal Park last weekend to see the baby okapi, I also stopped by the Animal Care Center near the petting kraal, where some of the baby animals born at the park are cared for before being returned to their exhibits or sent to other zoos. There were a couple of cute babies in the nursery yard when I stopped by, including a mini Giant Eland, an oryx, and a super-cute baby Somali Wild Ass.

Somali Wild Ass peering into the petting kraal, oryx in the middle of pen

the young giant eland

Visiting the feed trough, look at the fuzzy mane!

Check out thos striped legs!


Two Minutes In The Life of a Warthog January 19, 2010

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“Nothing like a nap in the sun to while away the daylight hours”

Warthogs in the sun

“Hmmm, I think I hear a noise! Better check it out…”

Warthog, awoken from a nap

“Ah, just that weird white bird dancing around again!”

Warthog watching the white bird strut

“Nothing to see here!’

Warthog decides to ignore the bird


Warthog returns to her nap


Cuddly Baby Okapi! August 23, 2008

We stopped by the Wild Animal Park this afternoon on our way back from Temecula, and were lucky enough to see Zuri, the baby okapi born in June. Pictures of adult and baby okapis below, plus a warthog, a tortoise, some lions, and a special “native mule deer of the Wild Animal Park” spotting…



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