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Walking through Washington September 24, 2012

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I’m less than 200 miles from completing my PCT thru hike! I arrived at Stevens Pass yesterday, following the three toughest days of hiking in Washington so far: the terrain was steeper and rockier, the air oppressively smoky from forest fires to the east, and I had to navigate a “potentially hazardous ford” of a creek which was raging down a ravine with rocks and boulders making even getting to the water to cross it a challenge. After averaging 25 miles per day with relative ease for the first two sections in Washington, struggling for 20-22 miles per day the last few days was mentally tough, and has made these last two hundred miles seem much longer and harder in my head. I spent many hours working through finishing-date scenarios while walking: what if I get to Stehekin before the last shuttle on Friday, or after the post office closes for the weekend on Saturday, or…and it began to stress me out a lot! As amazing as it is that I can turn any patch of flat-enough ground into “home” for the evening, I am longing for the comforts of my real home, and my reunion with Chuck (and the cats!) even more as I finally get close to finishing the hike.
Once I stepped off the trail at Stevens Pass, all of the worries magically lessened. I met a few trail friends who are a day ahead, getting ready to start hiking again; got a burger and beer at the ski resort cafe – a welcome respite from my trail diet of chocolate bars, salty crackers, and instant potatoes; and got a ride to Baring, where trail angels the Dinsmores have provided me with a bed, shower, and laundry before I head out into the wilds for my final 10 days of hiking. Canda, here I come!







6 Responses to “Walking through Washington”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Yay Manda!! Love reading your updates!

  2. Deborah Schaffer Says:

    We’re always happy to read an update,,and get a look at your great pics. Almost there….

  3. James Scott Says:


    All I can muster is WOW! You go girl!! I am envious!

    Safe travels…

  4. Jan (The Beekeeper) Says:

    I also have the solo Rainbow TarpTent. I hate the semi-permanent bar on top – makes for challenging packing. I’ve just created a way to treat it more like a pole. Have you left yours intact the entire trip? Also, have your peaks collapsed? the structure of those peaks seems to fail pretty quickly. The major issue I’ve had with this tent is not being able to snug it down sufficiently to keep it warm on the colder nights. The venting at body level doesn’t seem to be such a good idea. I’d love to hear your thoughts since you’ve used for many nights in many conditions.

  5. Can’t wait to hear about the end of your adventure! We are in Seattle tonight (10/2) and fly back to the East Coast tomorrow. All the best! -Shivers & BAM

  6. bill of "bill & alan" Says:

    hopfully you’v made it to the end by now & had a great “end of trail” party. I admire your stamina & every thing else that goes with it. I’m happy you got lost that day so i could meet such a wonderful girl. I will let you know when the next work party will be at the camp, so maby you can get “lost” on purpose
    Would love to see you & hear more about your trip.

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