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A Day at the Fair – Part Three: Pigeons! August 14, 2010

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After the Camel Dairy demo at the fair, we headed into the agriculture building to see what was going on there. A few ladies were spinning yarn from llama hair (and apparently trimming the llamas as the day went on):

This one's got a bald spot.

And then we saw the people carving a butter sculpture. It was a bit weird, actually…

butter sculptor in air-conditioned cage

And then we came across another of the wacky fair highlights – the pigeon collection! Who knew there were so many types of fancy pigeons? Not I…

white pigeon with ruffle

black pigeon with fan tail

brown and white pigeon with curly hair

this one dreams of being a peacock

Check out the foot-feathers on this one!

We then headed back outside for an afternoon snack – deep-fried s’mores, which were fun to try although the execution could have been better, I thinkĀ  – the chocolate seemed to be just syrup instead of real melted chocolate bars. They were definitely as messy as the real thing though, and I’m already planning to try the deep-fried Klondike Bars next year.

deep-friend s'mores

Final deep-fried snack stop complete, we wandered over to the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge arena, were we watched dogs (and their humans) compete in a slalom run and a trick-frisbee routine:


Good catch!

After the champion dogs were named, we found our way back to our little school-bus shuttle and headed home – a good day at the fair!



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