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A Day at the Fair – Part One June 20, 2010

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San Diego County Fair 2010

After years(!) of thinking, “Hmmm, we should go to the fair sometime”, and then managing to miss it despite the almost month-long engagement, I finally got to spend a day at the San Diego county fair.   One of the keys to the trip was transportation – freeway traffic approaching Del Mar during the fair is usually NOT FUN, so I looked at our transit and off-site parking options, and decided to use the satellite parking at Torrey Pines high school and take a shuttle bus to the fair. Other than learning how uncomfortable it is to ride in a school bus as an adult, this was a good option – it had the benefit of being free, compared with $10 parking at the fair or $12 for a transit pass, and the shuttles were running every 15-20 minutes, so the schedule was more flexible than transit.

Once we arrived at the fair, it was time for our mid-morning snacks! There was a wide variety of food to choose from – grilled turkey legs and deep-fried everything seemed particularly popular. Chuck chose a cinnamon roll for his morning snack, which I went for the fried cheese curds. This led to the serendipitous discovery of fried cheese curds dipped in cream cheese frosting – surprisingly delicious!

Our mid-morning snack

After our snack, we were energized for a morning of animal-watching. First stop was the pig racing arena, where cute little piglets raced around a track in hopes of winning an oreo cookie prize (in reality, I think the prize was getting back to their comfy indoor pens, as several winners ran straight into their trailer and left the cookie for the runners-up!). There was also a cute “swimming pig”, who was coaxed to jump into a tank of water and then swam to the other side, or maybe bounced – he looked like a skipping stone going over the water.

Cute little piglet about to go swimming

After the pigs, our next priority destination was the camel dairy demonstration, but we had some time to kill…so we visited the pygmy goats! The fair is just full of cute animals (I’m pretty sure the cats would love to have both piglets AND pygmy goats as companion animals…well, Zephyr would like it; Athena would just hide under the bed.)

grey goat

Baby goats!

Another cute goat!

There was also a sheep shearing demonstration going on – the sheep had very very long (and soft!) wool:

A little more off the top...

Rastafarian sheep

We also saw some cows:


Including a really big one – see how small the people are in comparison?

Giant monster cow!

After our foray through the livestock barn it was time to head to the infield. During horse races this is accomplished by taking a tunnel under the track, but for the fair they constructed a temporary bridge, so we got to go over.

The track is fast and the turf is firm!

We had a few minutes to walk around the gardening exhibits (giant swiss chard and squash, lots of herbs, etc), the horse exhibit, and the beekeeping tent.

Miniature horse

And then it was time for the main event…the Camel Milking demonstration! (To be continued…)



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