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Saturday on Adams Ave September 28, 2008

I spent almost my entire day yesterday on Adams Avenue, one of my favorite places in SD to hang out. I woke up waaaaaaay too early for a Saturday and headed to Trolley Barn Park, where I had signed up for a volunteer project. Volunteer San Diego was finishing up their “Hands-On San Diego” week, with thousands of people participating in over 100 projects throughout San Diego.

pardon the was so early I couldn't hold the camera straight!

Trolley Barn Park entrance

This seemed like a great way to fulfill goal #69 from my 101 Things list, “Volunteer on a Community Project”. Despite the early start hour, the project was really fun – our captains had everything well oragnized, everyone working on the project was friendly, and people in the park seemed to appreciate all of the work that we were doing. I spent most of my time spray painting – check out my handiwork on the “Hot Coals” containers:

I was the queen of red spray paint

I was the queen of red spray paint

After heading home to scrub the spray-paint off my skin, Chuck and I headed out to the Adams Avenue Street Fair, a larger and more musically eclectic version of the Roots Fest. We spent some time wondering around the varoius stages, but ended up spending most of our time in Lestat’s watching the acoustic acts. My favorite newly-discovered musician was Josh Damigo – I can’t get this song out of my head today:

We also saw Gregory Page, Molly Jenson, and Chuck Cannon. And, we had yummy mini-churros and horchata.

Josh Damigo

Josh Damigo

Gregory Page

Gregory Page

Molly Jenson

Molly Jenson

Chuck Cannon

Chuck Cannon

We also stopped by the booth of Nha Vuu, an artist from Seattle who had some incredible artwork with her. Chuck and I were both enamored with her work, although I was most fond of the Plum Blossom series while he was more into the series depicting intermixed houses and calligraphy characters. Since I am usually more indulgent in art purchases, it was his turn to choose a favorite, and we got a print of this drawing.


Yosemite Week Preview September 23, 2008

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I spent the past week blissfully disconnected from the internet and other trappings of regular life. Chuck and I went to Yosemite, spending a wonderful week hiking, attending nightly park programs, and watching squirrels, deer, bats and birds (but no bears). As soon as I can sort through the pictures, I’ll have more details on the wonders of Yosemite (AND the fun places we found to stop by in Fresno while we were passing through!).

More details on most of our hikes to follow, but here’s a summary of the trip – about 55 miles and 11, 000 feet of elevation gain! With a week like that behind me, I feel even more motivated to become immersed in my Inca Trail guide book and start planning to visit Peru!

Sunday: walking along the valley floor, (dry) Yosemite Falls and the campgrounds, about 3 miles, negligible elevation gain.

Monday: Lembert Dome and Dog Dome, Tuolumne Meadows Area, 4.4 miles, 1153 feet elevation gain.

Tuesday: Half Dome, 15.7 miles, 4800 feet elevation gain.

Wednesday: walking along the valley floor to El Capitan and Cathedral Beach, about 6 miles, about 200 feet elevation gain.

Thursday: North Dome, 9 miles, about 1800 feet elevation gain.

Friday: Sentinal Dome and Taft Point, Glacier Point Road, about 5 miles, about 950 feet elevation gain (according to our crazy hiking book – this estimate might be a little high!).

Saturday: Clouds Rest, 12.2 miles, 2673 feet elevation gain.


To the Bruery and Beyond! September 11, 2008

Last weekend, we spent some time in Orange County, hanging out at The Happiest Place On Earth with Chuck’s family. During my ritual pre-trip beer scouting, I noticed that The Bruery (whose beers we had sampled at the Stone Fest) was opening its tasting room that same weekend – what incredible luck!

So on Friday afternoon, we snuck away to the Bruery, only six miles away from our hotel (seriously, with such good beer SO close, how could you even think of going to Disneyland and not visiting the Bruery?):

I’d only learned about the Bruery at the Stone Anniversary festival, so I wasn’t sure what to expect at the opening of the tasting room – I was picturing an Alesmith-like, no frills tasting bar, crowded into a corner and surrounded by brewing equipment, with just a few people hangning around..the Bruery blew those expectations away! The place was hopping with people, and the tasting room was well appointed in a rusticĀ  elegance way, almost as if a wine bar had been dropped into the middle of a brewery. It was also quite well attended – if opening day was any indication, the Bruery is well on its way to craft beer success.

They had a full menu of beers available for tasting, as well as a cheese pairing, growler fills, and bottles to go. We didn’t have time for a full tasting flight, so Chuck got a glass of Humulus Bruin, and I got a glass of the Cask-Melange#1, plus we snagged some bottles of the Saison Rue and Tripel (but haven’t tried them yet!). The Cask Melange was brilliant! A combination of Russian Imperial Stout and a Flemish Red, it was sweet, sour, velvety, fruity, creamy, roasty, and soooooo good! Between the Melange #1 and my Hoppy Okapi adventure, I’m all about beer blends! Sometimes the sour Belgians (which are all the rage this year and last) are a little too sour for me, but combining the bright sour flavor with the smooth dark Imperial Stout, and it’s a perfect pairing – the best qualities of the sour still come through, and the stout takes the edge off and allows me to enjoy the flavors without grimacing with every sip!

I’ll be trying to visit the Bruery again when they release the “Autumn Maple” (made with yams!) later this month – it’s fast becoming one of my favorite breweries.

On our way back from Anaheim on Sunday, we also managed to visit Pizza Port San Clemente, our final leg of the Pizza Port trifecta! I had a Pier Rat Porter and a Double IPA (I think it was Dana Point Double? – I don’t remember the name quite so much as the uber-bitterness!), and Chuck had a Way Heavy Scottish Ale. The beers, and the delicious pepperoni and garlic pizza, were the perfect end to our weekend road trip.

As a bonus (or was it an ulterior motive all along???) I managed to make some progress on my 101Things list with both of these breweries – #65 (visit a brewery (Bruery!) I hadn’t been to before), and #62 (Pizza Port San Clemente) are now complete!



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